“Not only is Flex-Eze effective for treatment of muscle aches and back pain, as an actor working long cold nights during winter, Flex-Eze heat patches are a godsend when it comes to keeping me warm between takes, unlike other heat patches, Flex-Eze stay warm for a good 12 hours – an excellent thing when constantly … Continue reading Stefan Dennis (actor) – Paul Robinson

Stefan Dennis (actor) – Paul Robinson Stefan

” I was given FlexEze to use whilst in hospital with a major back injury, they were brilliant and have helped my back pain, I now buy them from my pharmacy and use them to help my recovery. I think they are awesome!!

Julie W – Victoria

“I had been carrying a hot water bottle with me to relieve pain for some time I was given a FlexEze patch to try . I followed instructions and can I say I was very impressed. The heat is released very soon after applying and yes it does last the 12 hours. Its a low heat … Continue reading Sue N – Queensland

Sue N – Queensland

“For many months I couldn’t travel by car over a long distance because the pain in my back, caused by degeneration of my discs, was too severe. I was very fortunate to be introduced to FlexEze heat patches, the heat which emanates from them takes away all the pain and discomfort backache can cause and … Continue reading Mrs S.P – Melbourne

Mrs S.P – Melbourne

“I have been wearing the flexeze wrap with the heat patch, and find it very soothing. Like you said it wont fix my injury, but it is a great pain management tool. I love the idea I can do something to help ease my pain without taking more drugs. The wrap is very comfortable, and has … Continue reading Elizabeth Wilson

Elizabeth Wilson

“My patients have been reporting the benefits of low level continuous heat therapy with the use of FlexEze heat patches, especially when used in conjunction with the body wrap. Typically patients reported reduced need for pain killers for back and neck pain.” Dr T.L – Victoria

Dr T.L – Victoria

“I was in hospital when the doctor applied a flexeze heat patch to ease my pain, it was amazing the relief I felt, since returning home I now use flexeze heat patches whenever I need help managing my back pain”. P. Weeks – Queensland

P. Weeks – Queensland

“I have been suffering from back pain due to a slipped disc for over a year now. I have had a physio as well as a chiropractor work on my back. When my back pain comes around, I would normally use my wheat bag to help ease the pain, until I discovered FlexEze pain relief … Continue reading Lana Sagi – Sydney 

Lana Sagi – Sydney 

“Many thanks, I love your product and recommend it to so many people. Cheers” Louise E – Victoria

Louise E – Victoria