Flexwrap 24 pack




The FlexWrap 24 Pack contains 24 FlexWrap Body Wraps.

The FlexWrap fits up to 2 FlexEze Heat Patches.

Please read directions on FlexEze Heat Patches before using with FlexWrap.
Place FlexEze Heat Patches inside wrap pocket without removing adhesive strips for ease of insertion and to achieve maximum therapeutic heat benefit for back pain.

Position pocket over the desired treatment area. Ideally suited for the low back region, however may also be wrapped around other joints and body parts.

Note: It may take up to 20 minutes for maximum heat to be attained. Heat will last approx. 12 hours.

The FlexWrap 24 Pack is ideal for health professionals or retailers wishing to supply FlexEze to patients or customers for relief of back pain or arthritic pain associated with muscular spasm and joint stiffness.

The pack folds to become a display pack the same dimensions as the FlexEze Professional Pack of 50 Heat Patches.


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