Are Flexeze safe to wear when traveling on planes?

Yes, thousands of travellers have enjoyed the benefit of Flexeze heat wraps during air flights and trains, buses and cars whether on business or holidays. Flexeze provides effective soothing relief for back pain and stiffness that can often occur with long periods of sitting during travel.

They are safe and won’t set off alarms at airport. They will not combust at high altitude. You can wear them on your clothes or carry them in hand luggage or checked luggage.

What sizes are the Flexeze heat wraps available in?

Flexeze heat wraps are reusable and due to their extra stretch fabric one size fits nearly all.

Can I reuse Flexeze patches if I don’t wear it the full 12 hours

No. Flexeze is designed to provide continuous low level heat for 12 hours they are designed as single use and will go cold and harden after this time.

How do I put the Flexeze heat wrap on? Which side goes toward my body?

Insert 1 or 2 Flexeze heat patches into the fitted pockets of the Flexeze heat wrap leaving the sticking paper on, facing the paper side of the patches away from the body.

What materials are Flexeze heat patches made of?

Flexeze heat patches contain all natural containing Iron powder, charcoal and salt.

Are Flexeze heat patches biodegradable?

Yes. All the heat patch ingredients are natural and will break down.

What temperature does a Flexeze Heat patch warm up to?

Flexeze heat patches will range between 45 -52 degrees Celsius. Temperature takes approximately 30-40 minutes to reach this temperature and it known as  a low level continuous superficial heat.

How does the Flexeze heat patch get warm?

Flexeze heat patches are specifically designed to heat on exposure to air, once you open the patch the ingredients generate heat naturally by oxidising the iron powder, a natural “rusting” which produces heat with oxygen in the air.

Can I cut the Heat patch to fit different areas of my body?

No. Flexeze heat patches cannot be cut or torn, this will spill the ingredients and stop the patch working.

Should I be concerned about being burned by the product?

Flexeze has been thoroughly tested for safety, and most people will be able to use it without experiencing any discomfort. However, like any heating product, there is a risk of prolonged skin redness or burns for some people. Your risk of burning increases as you age. Always use Flexeze as directed. Flexeze should not be worn for more than 12 hours in one day or more than 4 days in a row Check skin frequently during use. If you find irritation or a burn, remove the product immediately. Please see packaging for complete safety information and usage instructions.

How many Flexeze Heat Wraps can I use at one time? If I need help in more than one area.

You can safely wear more than one Flexeze heat wrap, but do not wear more than one Heat Wrap in the same location. Take precaution not to overlap heat patches or wear any Heat patches under tight-fitting clothing, belts or waistbands. Check your skin frequently during use, and if you find irritation, stop use immediately.

Can I use Flexeze if I am pregnant?

You should consult with your Health Professional if you are pregnant and are experiencing pain and intend to use any pain relief products, including Flexeze. Your health professional will advise you on your specific circumstance and can determine whether Flexeze is right for you at this time.

How long should I wear a Flexeze Heat Wrap?

For best results, wear Flexeze for 8-12 hours. Using Flexeze for more than the recommended time can increase the risk of skin irritation or burns. Flexeze shouldn’t be used more than 4 days in a row.

What can I do if the product feels too hot for me?

Flexeze has been designed to deliver a comfortable, well-controlled level of heat. Of course, this does not mean that it is the right amount of heat for everybody. Stop use and check skin frequently. You may want to try wearing Flexeze heat wrap over a thin layer of clothing instead of directly against your skin. Remember never apply patches directly to skin. If you still feel the level of heat is too high, you might want to discontinue use of the product.

How do I dispose of Flexeze patches?

Flexeze can be disposed of in your regular waste. Once it is cold and hardened .Care should be taken to keep Flexeze out of the reach of children and animals.

Can I attach the Flexeze heat patch to my skin?

The adhesive on the Flexeze patches wasn’t designed to be attached to the skin. For Flexeze  to heat effectively, it should be attached to clothing so the dark side of the heat patch is facing your skin. Do not apply the adhesive to your skin; it may result in irritation. Also, the device may not work properly if applied incorrectly.

How often should I check my skin for signs of irritation or burning?

If you have sensitive skin, check every couple of hours or anytime you feel discomfort. If your skin looks or feels as if it might be burning or irritated, remove the Heat Wrap or patch. It’s normal to notice slight redness immediately after removing the Heat Wrap. Always read the package instructions before using the product.

Is Flexeze recyclable?

No. Flexeze Heat Wraps and patches aren’t recyclable. Recyclable products, like paper, plastic and glass, fall into a single material category. Flexeze is made from several different materials, which means recyclers won’t accept them.

Can I reheat/recharge my Flexeze heat patch after it stops working?

No. Any attempt to reheat the Flexeze patch in a microwave oven may result in a fire.

Is Flexeze latex free?

Yes, Flexeze is latex free

Why do I need to ask my doctor before use if I’m diabetic?

Diabetes is a complicated disease that sometimes causes poor blood circulation and decreased skin sensitivity and feeling. Since advanced diabetics may be more susceptible to skin irritation, skin injury or even burns than others, they first should consult with their health professional to determine if Flexeze is right for them.

Can I wash my Flexeze Heat Wrap?

Yes Flexeze heat wraps can be gently hand washed in warm soapy water and rinse with care. Do not wash patches if you wet the patch it will no long produce heat.

Can young children wear Flexeze?

No, Flexeze is not designed for use under the age of 12. We don’t recommend the use of Flexeze for anyone, including children, who may not be able to remove the Heat Wrap unassisted when feeling discomfort.

Can I use Flexeze with blood pressure medications, heart medications or blood thinners?

We don’t have any data on the effect of using Flexeze while taking these medications. While we do not expect you to experience problems, if you are concerned about using heat products, please consult your health professional. They will be able to advise you on your specific situation and determine whether Flexeze is right for you.

What’s the difference between using Flexeze and taking oral pain relievers?

Oral pain medications have to be ingested and provide relief by working via the bloodstream. Flexeze provides pain relief by working directly at the site of the pain, relaxing the muscle and increasing local blood flow. Flexeze may be used together with oral pain killers.

Can I use Flexeze with medicated rubs/creams/ointments or topical antibiotics?

No. Do Not use Flexeze on an area of the skin where other topical medicines (like topical antibiotics, pain relieving creams, hydrocortisone creams or heat creams) have been applied within the past 24 hours because it may cause injury to the skin or may alter the effect of the topical medication.

Can I use Flexeze on other parts of the body? Such as knees, wrists and elbows.

Yes, Flexeze can be used on mobile joints to relieve joint and muscle pain and stiffness, It is best applied to a strip of Tubi-Grip – elastic bandage that can be doubled over the patch.